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Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System) which has ample features. But when we are building any website with Joomla we need some more or extra features which can be obtained with the help of the extensions. Extensions helps to extend the features of Joomla and help to build site effective and efficient.

In Joomla there are five different types of Extension. They are as follows :-

  1. Components
  2. Modules
  3. Plugins
  4. Templates
  5. Languages

Components are more essential parts of the Joomla website. They are complex and used as a mini-applications. They are mainly divided into two parts :

  1. site part
  2. administrator part

On one page there can be only one component rendered. Some of the built-in components which Joomla provides are com_content, com_banners, com_contact, com_languages, com_plugins etc.

WLI Import/Export is a administrator part component. It can easily be installed and used by the backend user. It helps to import and export user data from one site to the other. Presently we have provided the support in CSV format. The component is supported for Joomla 3.x verions only Following information(fields) of user can be imported or exported :-

  • name
  • username
  • email
  • password
  • block
  • sendEmail
  • registerDate
  • lastvisitDate
  • activation
  •  params
  • lastResetTime (Date of last password reset)
  • resetCount (Count of password resets since lastResetTime)
  • optKey (Two Factor authentication encrypted keys)
  • otep (One Time Emergency Password)
  • requireReset (Require user to reset password on next login)
  • Group Name (Roles assigned to user)


Important Points to keep in mind while Importing


  • There must be total seventeen columns mandatory 
  • The order of the columns must be strictly followed in below manner :-id, name, username, email, password, block, sendEmail, registerDate, lastvisitDate, activation, params, lastResetTime, resetCount, optKey, otep, requireReset, group_name
  • username and email must be unique for each record
  • id will be auto-incremented as per the database tables rather than the id given in the sheet.
  • Group Name can be given as (Author,Super Users, Editor) in CSV format
  • If usergroup given is not present in Joomla then it will be automatically added as a new entry




The default components available with the Joomla 3.x are as follows :-

Component Menu



When the component is successfully installed, we get the success message from Joomla and the description which we have provided for our extension will be displayed.

Success Install



After installing the component through Extensions -> Manage -> Select Zip File -> Upload, you can find the component in the list



After Install



After the successful installation of the component you will be able to see the simple view by navigating through Components -> WLI Import/Export



Admin View



While you will export or import, you will see messages in below format



Success Messages