Blue Flower

Multi Account Tweet Feeds by Webline is a simple and easy to use plugin to show latest tweets from a multiple Twitter accounts in the same sidebar widget including parsing of @usernames, #hashtags, media and URLs into links.

The plugin is based on Twitter API version 1.1.

In order to use it, you have to create a personal Twitter Application on the website. Within your Application, Twitter provides you four values: the Consumer Key, the Consumer Secret, the Access Token and the Access Token Secret.

Enter all these Authorization strings in the module options box, along with your other display settings. Your Multi Account Tweet Feeds by Webline plugin is now ready and active!

Key Features

  • Show tweets from multiple accounts
  • Control for showing Avtar
  • Control for showing Replies
  • Control for showing Time (e.g. 4 days ago, 27 mins ago)
  • Control for showing Short Time (e.g. Sep 24, Nov 29)